Sunday, July 08, 2012

Episode 1385: Big Day In

It's probably a good thing that my dissertation is now semi-permanently looming at the back of my mind. Seriously, it's become the default thing my mind wanders to. Currently, I'm obsessing about the order in which to put things in the introduction. Should the literature review come before the bit where I explain the theoretical background for my subsequent analyses? Where do I summarise what my chapters are going to cover? Does it even matter as long as all of it makes sense in the end? Yet will having it in a certain order help to make it flow better? These are the (somewhat) ridiculous things I worry about, before I've even written a single word of the introduction. (Not strictly true, since I am filching part of it from the opening of my conference paper.) Otherwise though, I had a good time at the Westwood Big Day In! Saw Andy Murray play Roger Federer, which was fairly enjoyable. I'm not a huge sports fan, but if I had absolutely had to watch a sport, it would almost certainly be tennis. (Still remember streaming the insanely long Isner-Mahut match in 2010, and managing to catch the moment when John Isner finally won it.) The slow-motion replays were hilarious, and occasionally, somewhat random. Hard to avoid wincing though, when they replayed the times that Murray fell, while trying to return Federer's serve. He might not have won, but you can see that he definitely tried, and at 25, he's young enough that there'll be other opportunities to come.

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