Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Episode 1402: You Should Like This Press

Just finished reading the four pamphlets that make up David R. Morgan's New Man Newman, and they form a really enjoyable set. If you haven't checked out the work that Like This Press has been doing, I highly recommend that you do. So far, they've also published J.T. Welsch's Waterloo and Ian Seed's Threadbare Fables, and Iain Britton's tusitala of white lies has just become available for ordering. I have to say, I'm really looking forward to the next LTP publication, which is another book-in-a-box, this time from David Berridge. Hope it'll be available to ship before I have to fly back to Singapore, as I don't mind paying the extra couple of pounds for international shipping, but if I can save that, it means having enough money to buy another pamphlet or chapbook from somewhere else. I've been thinking that when I die, maybe I should stipulate in my will that my personal library be donated. Not sure to what organisation yet. The obvious choice is the National Library, but I'm not convinced that Singaporeans in general would appreciate it. Maybe I'll donate it to the Warwick Writing Programme, would be like coming full circle, right?

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