Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Episode 1408: Okay, Teen Wolf, You've Won Me Over

So I think Teen Wolf has finally replaced The Vampire Diaries as my favourite TV drama, and I've persuaded Claire to give it another try, since she's a fellow fan of the latter series. I just think Teen Wolf is really tightly plotted, especially the current season, and this was a quality that I used to praise The Vampire Diaries for, but honestly, I can't say that Season 3 of that show demonstrated this. Sure, there were still cool plot twists, but there were also plenty of filler elements and what seemed to me like lazy writing, e.g. sending Jeremy away for a couple of episodes after wiping his mind again (because that worked out so well the first time!), or the sideshow that was Bonnie's mother's storyline (Bonnie is basically the most boring female character right now, who exists only to provide convenient magical solutions). Basically, I'm saying that Season 4 is going to have to work really hard to win me over. I can definitely see the show going the way of Gossip Girl though, i.e. devolving into a mess of random storylines. I hope it doesn't happen, but at this point, I think The CW probably assumes that its most successful show (by the network's really low standards, compared to the rest of the Big 5) can function on creative autopilot. (Oh yeah, I did start on that first chapter after all.)

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