Saturday, July 14, 2012

Episode 1391: Should I Bid?

So someone in London is auctioning 32 issues of Monocle for £46, and to say that I'm not tempted would be a huge lie. I'll admit that I do think there's something a little pretentious about reading Monocle, but I'm inclined to give myself a free pass on this one. I've wanted to start buying up the back issues of Tyler Brûlé's magazine for some time now, but the cost of doing so is ridiculously prohibitive. Most of the back issues cost £15, except for the very first, which costs £100. (Yeah, I would still totally buy it, if I had a spare hundred pounds lying about. Admitting that makes me feel slightly douchey.) So basically, this would be a really convenient way of buying up a substantial chunk of the magazine's run at a fraction of what it would normally cost. Only thing is that I would have to go to London to pick up the magazines, but I'm assuming the seller's flexible about when this has to happen. There's just over two days left on the eBay bid, so I might sleep on it. On a completely different note, I stayed up till past 4 am, reading The Strain. Absolutely had to finish it, and I've now started on the second book in the trilogy, The Fall. I'm liking the way the story's developing, and I might just have to get through the whole trilogy before I can get back to doing any sort of work again.

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