Monday, July 23, 2012

Episode 1400: £50 Amazon Voucher!

Almost finished reading Russell Barker's Disc-0, which I need to review. I don't think it's fantastic, but there are the seeds of a decent heist novel here. I suppose part of the problem is that it started off as a NaNoWriMo project, and it just hadn't been polished and edited enough before it was self-published recently. Will dash off the review once I've reached the end, although I pretty much already know what I'm going to say already. Anyway, I had a lovely surprise today. An e-mail came from the International Office to let me know that after filling in those Student Barometer surveys for years, it's finally paid off for me in the form of a £50 Amazon voucher! Very pleased by this, as it means I can finally order a whole bunch of books that have been in my basket, but which I've been holding off on purchasing until nearer the end of my stay in the UK, so as to make sure that my allowance lasts until then. Shame that most of the Penned in the Margins books I want aren't in stock on Amazon UK though, so I'm still waiting for a sale to happen on The Book Depository before getting those.

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Tom said...

Hi Ian,

I'm pretty sure that whichever of our books you order from Amazon, it *will* come ...

Unfortunately Amazon doesn't hold stock of many smaller titles, but my distributor has everything, so it should work okay!

Thanks for supporting the press