Friday, July 13, 2012

Episode 1390: Two Paragraphs!

Met Maria for lunch and then did some work in the Library. By which I mean I took the whole afternoon and evening to write two paragraphs. Hey, it's a start. Probably should have stayed off Facebook and my e-mail, since I spent a good deal of time chatting to people. Anyway, now I need to figure out how to start off the third paragraph, since from this point on, the introduction really needs to move into the literature review, and talking about methodology, before ending with my thesis statement. Going to give it a rest for today and watch Suits! Then read a bit more of Guillermo del Toro and Chuck Hogan's The Strain. It's a real page-turner, I got through about 150 pages in one go last night. This is how the first volume of an apocalyptic vampire trilogy should move. Justin Cronin, take note! Still haven't finished reading The Passage, but I guess there's no rush. Next volume The Twelve isn't coming out till October in hardback, and the final The City Of Mirrors not till 2014! With the film rights already acquired, I guess that means this will be the Harry Potter/Twilight/The Hunger Games of the second half of this decade.

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