Saturday, July 21, 2012

Episode 1398: Introduction Done!

So the introduction's finally done! It's a smidge longer than I'd planned for, but still not as long as I thought it would end up, while working on it in the Library this afternoon. Have sent it off to my supervisor, and here's hoping that he doesn't savage it. I mean, he never does, but if he finds a lot of it problematic at this stage, I'm not sure I'd know how to fix the whole dissertation, without a significant amount of intervention. As it stands, the structure for it is more or less mapped out in my head, right down to how much I can afford to leave out that I know is in some way relevant but not absolutely critical for my main line of argument. Anyway, it's done for the time being, and I'm not going to proceed until I've got some feedback from my supervisor. Might spend the interim period writing some of my EN954 essay instead, or at least doing some of the reading for it. (I've decided that for the dissertation, I'm not actually going to have to read any of the books I borrowed but haven't read yet, at least not cover to cover. I can go back to doing my usual thing of trawling the index to find appropriate quotes.) Of more pressing concern now, however, is this review I've got to write by Monday, as I haven't read a single page of the book in question!

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