Thursday, July 05, 2012

Episode 1382: I Blame The Fire Alarm

So after yesterday's spurt of productivity (I did finish that review of Richard Meier's Misadventure after all!), today has been abysmal. I blame fire alarm early in the afternoon, just as I was about to start reading (Ryan Frawley's Scar, as the review for that is long overdue), so the rest of my descended into watching new episodes of Dallas and Bedlam, and then general procrastination. I'm only just trying to sit down and read for a long stretch. The current plan is to make some headway tonight, and then finish the whole book tomorrow, before treating myself to back-to-back films in the Art Centre - The Five-Year Engagement (because I'm intrigued to see Jason Segel in something that isn't How I Met Your Mother) and Cosmopolis (because I'm intrigued to see Robert Pattinson in something that isn't the Twilight franchise [not that I've ever watched any of the films beyond the first one]). Going to aim to get the review done over the weekend, and then I'm definitely switching to academic work for the next week or so. Will probably still have to keep ploughing through my review pile, just to keep up with things.

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