Thursday, July 19, 2012

Episode 1396: A Bit Of Progress (Is Better Than None)

Managed to get a bit more of the introduction done this afternoon. Just about to reach the end of the literature review, but I've realised there are a couple more critics that I should include, as their comments echo some stuff that I've already put in. I've gone through what I've written so far and converted some of the quotes into paraphrasing, as relying too much on quotation has always been one of my bad habits when it comes to academic writing. Also trying to make the literature review less descriptive and more evaluative, in order to set up my own line of argument about the Merlion and liminality. I think I'm reaching the point where my dissertation writing is going to acquire its own momentum, which is great! Also great is what arrived in the post today: Alvin Pang's When The Barbarians Arrive, which I didn't manage to snag a copy of when he read at Woolfson & Tay (because I had to dash off to catch a coach), and a copy of the issue of The Conium Review that I was Guest Editor for. Not going to lie, it's pretty awesome to see my name on that first page...

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