Thursday, July 12, 2012

Episode 1389: Actually Had To Buy An Academic Book

So it turns out that someone has written about Reflecting On The Merlion. Eric Tinsay Valles, who has a poem in the anthology, has a chapter in a book called The Creativity Market: Creative Writing In The 21st Century, edited by Dominique Hecq. Most of the chapter is up on Google Books, but there's a crucial four pages missing, right where he talks about the Merlion as icon/muse and when he's analysing some of the later poems about the Merlion. Have ordered the book through the Library, but I've also placed an order on Amazon UK, since we all know who's going to get the book to me sooner. The book would arrive even sooner, but for the fact that my Amazon Prime trial expired yesterday, and I can't get a refund on shipping costs. Yes, obviously I'm returning the book after I've photocopied the chapter. I'm not paying more than £20 for a paperback! Don't really understand why academic titles are always so much more expensive than other books. It's like the publishers don't actually want people to read them! Oh well...

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