Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Episode 1401: Voucher Spent!

Have spent the past two days just chilling, and I'm now reading the David R. Morgan pamphlets. It's probably back to work tomorrow afternoon though, once I've had a chat with my supervisor about my dissertation. The first chapter's the one that I've struggled with the most so far, in terms of what I want to cover in it, and I'm going to need to be really disciplined about my reading here, to avoid the eventual writing spiralling into a confused mess of ideas pulling in different directions. Also, I've spent my Amazon UK voucher! On Laura Wade plays, Salt Publishing anthologies, and some poetry collections, including Tomas Tranströmer's New Collected Poems from Bloodaxe. (Don't worry, Tom, I'll definitely be getting more Penned in the Margins stuff in the near future!) I've enjoyed Tranströmer's work ever since I randomly came across The Great Enigma: New Collected Poems on the shelves in the National Library back in Singapore, so I'm glad I'll finally own a copy of his work. More stuff arrived for me back home as well from BooksActually, so many thanks, Kenny!

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