Monday, July 16, 2012

Episode 1393: Onwards (?)

Have finished The Night Eternal and started back on the dissertation writing. Have reworked the second paragraph so that it segues into the literature review, but now I need to figure out how to go about the literature review itself. I was initially thinking of a straightforward chronological overview of major essays about Merlion poems, but then the first one I picked is also the article that ties most obviously into the ideas of liminality and transition that I want to introduce as the framework for my subsequent discussion. Might just have to do something that's a mix of chronological ordering and thematic grouping, since there's a lot written about Thumboo's poem, but it's only within the last decade that criticism has started to emerge that deals with other Merlion poems. I'm trying to steer clear of letting his poem dominate my discussion, even in the introduction, since that's definitely what I don't want to do in my subsequent chapters. If anything, I really want to talk about the poems in the second half of the anthology that nobody's really talked about yet, simply because they're so new, having only appeared for the first time in print in 2009.

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