Friday, July 06, 2012

Episode 1383: Cosmopolis

Didn't watch The Five-Year Engagement because I agreed to keep Maria company in the Library for a couple of hours, so I read a few more chapters of Scar. (Review of Praise Of Motherhood is up, by the way! Check it out, Phil's book is great.) I did see Cosmopolis, in which I found Robert Pattinson's performance oddly compelling. I'll freely admit that I'm one of those people who are completely ready to dismiss the acting abilities of anyone associated with the Twilight franchise, but I do feel kind of sorry now for Pattinson, as an actor who has to carry the burden of having once been Edward Cullen. I've never seen him in anything other than the first Twilight film, but I thought he was really good in Cosmopolis. Seems like I'm not alone in thinking that, as however the critics feel about the film as a whole, Pattinson has tended to receive praise for his performance. Personally, I enjoyed the film itself as well, but I concede that David Cronenberg is definitely an acquired taste. It's a beautifully shot film, and the line delivery throughout is wonderfully clinical. It's rare that a book-to-film adaptation makes me want to read the material it was based on, but I'm intrigued by Don DeLillo's novel now. Apparently critics didn't really think much of it when it was published, but considering I review myself, I actually pay scant attention to what the mainstream press says about new books.

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