Sunday, July 29, 2012

Episode 1406: Recovering...

So what started out as birthday drinks in Varsity, led to a night in The Copper Rooms, which lasted till 3 am. I think that's only my second time being in there, and the first for an actual union event. Everyone adjourned to Cryfield afterwards, although Appy and I took some time getting there because we were talking to a Teach First guy. We didn't actually drink anymore once in Cryfield, although pretty much everyone stuck around until the sun came up. Wound up at Emma's flat with the other Heronbank people for pasta and noodles, so it was past 7 am by the time I got back to my own flat. Went to bed to recover, but woke up after about five hours. Figured that wasn't enough sleep, so I rolled over and was out for another three hours or so. Obviously, I've got nothing done today, although I'm hoping to finish reading the new issue of The Conium Review. Definitely going to start writing the chapter tomorrow, even if it's just to bash out a bunch of pointless sentences to make a provisional opening paragraph! Forcing myself to start writing usually works out pretty well in the end.

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