Sunday, July 15, 2012

Episode 1392: Almost Done With The Strain Trilogy!

Only had to stay up to 2.45 am to finish The Fall, and now I'm on the final book, The Night Eternal. It's the longest book of the trilogy, so I might actually be reading till dawn this time. I really, really want Guillermo del Toro to make a film version of the series. The writing is practically tailor-made for the leap to the silver screen anyway, and given his experience, I think we can agree that del Toro can be trusted not to screw up the film adaptation. I'm determined to finish reading this last book, as I really want to get back to working on my introduction tomorrow, now that I've figured out how to segue from paragraph two to three. (I just need to split the quote that paragraph two leads off with, and that's my segue into the literature review sorted, hopefully. Yeah, it's a really big deal to me to get something like that right.) Once the whole introduction is done, I might switch to working on my EN954 essay. Just two weeks of intense work to get all the reading and writing done. I think the preliminary reading I did last month has actually given me quite a solid idea of how to approach the poems by Gunn and Monette, so I might as well just get the essay over and done with.

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