Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Episode 1409: Just. Keep. Writing.

My sleep cycle appears to be completely out of whack these past couple of days, but at least that doesn't seem to be stopping me from getting work done. Have written nearly 1000 words of the first chapter now, which means I'm still on track to finish by Sunday. I think the shape of the chapter is finally starting to emerge, which is reassuring. In any case, I've decided that I need to force myself to just keep writing, as long as I have a direction that'll keep me going for a couple of paragraphs. Once I've got a chunk of material down, I'll be less inclined to keep mentally shuffling potential ways of linking all the ideas I've got and more inclined to just fit things into what's already on the page. There's really no part of what I've researched so far that would be completely irrelevant, so it's a case of how much can I string together in a coherent fashion that will lead into the next chapter sensibly and serve the dissertation well as a whole. I mean, everyone that I've ever spoken to about my ideas for this chapter (and the dissertation in general) agrees that they make sense, so I can't be too far off, can I?

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