Thursday, August 09, 2012

Episode 1417: Too Many Late Nights...

So everyone thought Cards Against Humanity was pretty great! Drinks at the pub sort of turned into a repeat of Toby's birthday drinks, in that we went to Cryfield for a bit after closing time, and then ended up in Heronbank and had food in the early hours of the morning. Went to bed around 6 am, so it's not surprising that I haven't got much work done today. I did start on the opening paragraph of my second chapter, but then I went to this pub quiz that a bunch of us have been going to for the past couple of weeks, so that was it, as far as getting work done went. Am going to write a bit more tomorrow though! Kind of have to, since I'm spending the whole of Saturday in London. I was actually hoping to have this middle chapter done and dusted by this week, so that I could finish the whole dissertation by the middle of August. Might've been too optimistic, but at least I did leave myself a buffer of a fortnight, even if half of that was really meant for writing the essay on Thom Gunn and Paul Monette. Ah well. I'll work it out somehow, like I always do. Just need to keep writing something each day and the words will accumulate!

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