Sunday, August 05, 2012

Episode 1413: Go Murray!

So much for waking up to attend morning service. Only got to sleep at around 6 am, and briefly contemplated not sleeping and staying awake till it was time to go to church. Then I figured that if I did that, I'd end up sleeping the whole afternoon away anyway, which meant my usual habits of procrastination would mean not doing any work until way after dinner. In the end, I ended up watching Andy Murray play Roger Federer for the tennis men's singles Olympic final, which Murray won in straight sets! I particularly liked how he sealed his victory with an ace. Then I wound up messing around with iTunes for most of the evening anyway, so I didn't start writing until, once again, around 9 pm. Am still going, although I'm wondering if I should just pack it in and continue tomorrow. Part of me thinks it makes sense, going to bed at a reasonable hour. Part of me thinks that I should just man up, finish the chapter, and send it off to my supervisor, however late I have to stay up. Then I can take a breather for the whole of Monday, genuinely not touching any academic work at all. I really just want to get it over with, but I'm also concerned that in my haste, I'll end up repeating myself needlessly in my writing, and of course, this will be my blind spot and I won't be able to tell. A couple of people have responded to my request for extra pairs of eyes to go over the chapter, but let's face it, ultimately the only person whose opinion matters at this point is my supervisor, right?

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