Friday, August 24, 2012

Episode 1432: 66% To The Finishing Line...

Well, sort of. Am a couple of hundred words short, but at least another poem's analysis is in the bag. Would have done more work, but after getting back from the pub quiz and Tesco last night, I stood chatting with Takoiya till around 2 am, and then came back to my room and watched all the TV that I haven't kept up with the past couple of days. Played a bit of Granado Espada too, so I only went to bed at close to 6 am. Was supposed to go to Kasbah tonight with some of the MA people, but we collectively agreed that it was a bad idea so close to our deadlines, so that's why I even managed to add anything to my final chapter. Am going to be all caught up on TV shows soon though, and there'll only be one or two shows to catch over the weekend, so I should still be able to finish my dissertation by Sunday night. Monday night, at the very latest. Then I can start working on my elegy essay! I'm sure it's going to be awesome, given how long the ideas for it have been percolating in the back of my mind. Am thinking that I probably have more than enough 'theory', given the reading that I did months ago, to structure a compelling line of argument, but I'll still read the articles I've amassed, since there aren't too many of them.

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