Monday, August 13, 2012

Episode 1421: America Loves Me

They do seem to love me across the pond, just a little. First there was a student researcher at Brown, who wants to ask me some questions about Eunoia Review for his project on online fiction. (I'm curious to know why he picked the journal, and I've asked him as much.) Then there was a professor at Ohio University, who sent me an e-mail to thank me for my close reading of her poem in my review of the latest 20x20 magazine. (It really wasn't much, just a paragraph.) Maybe I should just move to America already? (I jest.) My middle chapter is up to 1000 words, I had a good chat on Facebook with Alvin Pang about Merlion poems, and I think I've eased myself back into writing the dissertation, after a couple of days of not really getting much done. Going to the Library was good, although chatting about my work on Facebook, as opposed to actually writing it, probably wasn't the greatest idea I had all day. Will have to rectify that tomorrow. (Still haven't gone to Tesco, by the way.) I'm aiming to at least double my chapter word count, which is absolutely doable, working out to only four paragraphs. Once you get into really detailed close reading, the words just accumulate naturally.

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