Sunday, August 26, 2012

Episode 1434: I Don't Care How Late I Have To Stay Up Until...

Or technically, I suppose it's how early I have to stay up until, since I'll be working into the early hours of the morning to finish. Yes, you read that right, to finish. Felt ill all morning and the early afternoon (guess two Tesco curries in two days wasn't such a great idea after all), so after church and lunch in Varsity, I came home and took a nap that just went on and on. It may have involved a slightly surreal dream in which I was in the kitchen of my HDB flat, with the cast of Covert Affairs, except I think they were there as their real-life selves and not the characters, since I vaguely remember telling Christopher Gorham that yes, I was aware that he plays the awesome Auggie. (True story.) I also remember at one point, Piper Perabo looked out the kitchen window, and started shouting to some construction guys across the street. So, uh, I guess she suddenly became her character Annie at that point? (This is also how I know it was my flat, as I could see the church that's across the street from my block.) It's like my dreams have turned into this trippy meta-liminal space. Or basically, I need this dissertation out of my life as soon as possible.

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