Saturday, August 18, 2012

Episode 1426: Epic Farewell Dinner!

Malcolm McDowell is going to appear on Season 4 of Community! Have only seen him on Franklin & Bash, but he was pretty much the best bit of the show for me. (The show might be headed for cancellation, I'm hearing, so at least the recent season finale provided a reasonable amount of narrative closure.) iPod still not fully restored, but at least I had a really good (and crazy) time at Toby's farewell dinner party last night. It turned into one of those stay-up-till-sunrise affairs, which is amusingly turning into a recurrent theme when this group of friends hangs out. It did mean that I slept all the way till past 3 pm, and then figured, I'm not going to do any work today. Instead, I've spent the rest of the day catching up on my TV shows, as well as continuing to work on getting my music library back into shape. Have just another week to go in which to write my dissertation, which if the experience of writing this middle chapter so far is any indication, is plenty of time, if only I could wake up earlier and thus have more hours to do work in (and procrastinate).

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