Sunday, August 19, 2012

Episode 1427: 50%, Just Not The One I Need

About 50% of my music is now back on my iPod. I did do a little bit of work tonight, trying to incorporate my supervisor's feedback on the introduction and first chapter. I think I'm going to have to disregard some of his comments though, since he did say it's ultimately my judgement call to make, and I don't think those particular suggestions are necessarily helpful to try and incorporate. Also tweaked the ending of what I wrote for the second chapter on Thursday, which was decent, but I rushed off to the pub quiz before I could read it over a few times, so in preparation for heading back to the Library tomorrow, I've rejigged some of what I wrote on Lee Tzu Pheng's 'The Merlion To Ulysses', to hopefully make it clearer that while I recognise the bitter irony of the poem, I think it's unhelpful because of how it needlessly polarised the debate surrounding the Merlion and thus thwarted any actual discussion for a time, at least within the realm of Merlion poetry. It feels like a pretty bold claim to make, but I really believe that Lee's poem set succeeding Merlion poems on a particular trajectory that more recent poets are only just beginning to escape.

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