Monday, August 06, 2012

Episode 1414: Recharging...

Was up till nearly 5 am, finishing that first chapter. As soon as I'd sent it off to my supervisor and switched off my laptop, of course I remembered that I hadn't really talked much about the one thing that he remarked in one of our past sessions that he supposed I would be mentioning in this chapter. Not sure where I could fit it in now though, without interrupting the flow of the chapter as it stands. So I'm hoping he doesn't call me out on it, to be perfectly honest. I've given myself the entirety of today off, but it's back to the grindstone tomorrow (evening). The going should be easier, now that I'm onto the chapters that are about the Merlion poems themselves, so it's more about the close reading now, which is what I tend to be better at. Barring any major disasters, it's feasible to have the whole dissertation done by the end of next week, as long as I keep writing at the same pace (but preferably with better sleeping habits), which would leave two weeks for tweaks and writing that other module essay. Not going to be a terribly fun August, but then again, everyone else on the course should be in the same boat. Right?

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