Saturday, August 11, 2012

Episode 1419: London Jaunt

Spent the day in London, which was fun, even if my feet hurt after all that walking. Hung out with Eva, Laura and Lesedi in the afternoon, then relocated to Hyde Park after Lesedi left. We tried to get into the screening area to watch the Olympics on a giant screen, but the queue for getting in was at least half an hour, so we didn't in the end and just sat by the lake. Eventually made it to The Euston Tap for Nick's birthday drinks, which is really more like two mini-pubs set within Euston Square Gardens, one specialising in beer, the other in cider. It's a pretty unusual venue, so good choice, Nick! We ended up wandering about for a bit in Chinatown, trying to find food, before landing in a Wetherspoon's. Stayed about an hour or so, before heading to Victoria Coach Station with Laura. We cut it pretty close, getting there just as Laura's coach was boarding. Mine wasn't for another hour and a half, so I doubled back to Victoria Place to do my usual thing when I'm in London of eating a meal at KFC. (Didn't have time to do my other usual thing of visiting Oxfam.) Now watching this week's flashback episode of Suits while waiting for my coach, and trying to decide if I really want to go to Tesco when I arrive at Cannon Park later...

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