Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Episode 1416: I Should Really Be Working...

Have just discovered the fancy new Kyocera printers that've been installed in the Library and the Learning Grid. (They're black and look very state-of-the-art. Turns out Kyocera is a Japanese company. Figures.) Instead of each printer being named for its location, the system's now designed so that you send a print job out, and then you have to sign in at individual printers to 'pull' the job. Cuts down the hassle of having to rifle through a stack of papers to find what you printed, I guess. Only realised there were new printers because I'm printing off Cards Against Humanity so that a bunch of us can play it later in the pub. Going to have to cut all the pages up, which might take me a while. Really should be writing my second chapter instead of going to the pub, but I figure I could actually do the entire chapter in just one day, if I worked on it continuously, without the usual procrastinating. Ditto for the final chapter. Makes me glad that I did get to do the conference paper, since this is precisely why I wanted to do it.

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