Friday, August 31, 2012

Episode 1439: Bought The Believer Bundle!

Managed to get another good chunk of words in today, so I think completion by the time the Library closes on Sunday won't be a problem and I won't have to relocate to the Learning Grid to finish up and get it printed. Thought I was going to manage to finish covering my first poem pairing by tonight, but have to leave soon because the Library's closing. Might just carry on writing when I get back to my room, I guess? On the bright side, I persuaded my mum to let me buy that bundle of The Believer, which worked out to just over $700. (Cards Against Humanity is also back in stock, and now there's even a second expansion, but I thought buying more stuff on my credit card would have been pushing my luck.) Also got a 10% voucher from The Book Depository that's valid for just over another two weeks, so I'll be getting those Penned in the Margins books once I'm back in Singapore! Tried to start off the process of getting my stuff shipped back via Seven Seas, but the website was having none of that. Tried a couple of times and failed to get the form to accept my input. Will have to try again on my laptop, but I'm a little worried that it won't work there either, and I'll have to scramble to find another company...

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