Saturday, September 01, 2012

Episode 1440: Approaching The End...

Left the Library tonight with an hour to go till closing time, but my elegy essay is just over two-thirds completed, so I figured I'd earned the early night. Have made a last-minute decision to switch the third Monette poem that I'll be analysing, as I think it's pointless to avoid using a poem that's a better thematic match for the third Gunn poem, just because it's very, very long. A lot of the poem's narrative anyway, so I can just focus on the specific bits that matter. Can't wait till it's all done! Of course, I pretty much have to jump right back into my reviewing work, but that's something I enjoy, whereas as much as I loved the module, this essay is just a reminder of how sometimes, even I can make choices that are clearly not the best in retrospect! Now the question before me is whether or not I should stay up another hour to watch the Doctor Who premiere, after I'm done with this week's episode of Royal Pains. To be honest, I'd actually completely forgotten Doctor Who was starting again, until a day or two ago.

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