Sunday, September 16, 2012

Episode 1455: Weight Loss

So I weighed myself this morning out of curiosity, and I've lost about 6 kg in the three months since I was last back. Part of this is because I did eat less crap like crisps/nachos and ice-cream, at least until the last couple of weeks. I did think my jeans were feeling looser lately, but hadn't thought that I'd lost quite that much weight! Anyway, we'll see if I succeed in keeping the weight off. Have also just managed to empty my NatWest account, right down to the last penny. Spent it on the iPad version of Cipher Prime's Splice, which I love. All the players whining about how difficult it is to work the game and that it needs a better tutorial really ought to grow up and get a grip. Spent the rest of my pounds acquiring the HD versions of the Angry Birds franchise for the iPad. Had held off until this point out of principle, since I think Rovio are being greedy by not making the games universal for iPhone and iPad, but since getting the games would coincidentally empty my account, I figured I could live with myself. With that, I've also finally switched my Apple ID over to the Singapore store. Probably time to start thinking of a new blog name, or maybe an entirely new blog address even, in time for 2013?

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