Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Episode 1465: More TV Ramblings...

Spent a couple of hours yesterday reviewing all the stuff that's been published by Eunoia Review from July 2011 to June 2012, in order to pick pieces to nominate for the annual Best Of The Net anthology by Sundress Publications. Am a bit behind on my TV shows because of the time spent on that, but I've started catching up today. I was initially quite lukewarm towards New Girl in its freshman season, partly because Zooey Deschanel's kookiness was somewhat grating, but by the end, the writers had toned her character down a little and I'd actually begun enjoying the comedy. Glad that the show seems to have settled into itself in its second season, if the premiere is anything to go by. I also enjoyed The Mindy Project, which I wasn't planning to watch, until Vaish recommended it to me last week. This might be the year that my regular TV viewing skews towards half-hour comedies instead of one-hour dramas, as I'm still prepared to follow NBC's Animal Practice, Guys With Kids and The New Normal. Incidentally, the latest episode of The New Normal proves that Ryan Murphy basically has zero subtlety when it comes to making a point, even when it's a valid one. Did he not get the memo that comedies are actually supposed to be consistently funny, instead of the occasional snarky one-liner that interrupts a political diatribe, however topical it might be? Was kind of disappointed, since it actually seemed like this was finally going to be the episode when the show settled into its premise and started to develop beyond one-note caricatures and stereotypes. (Side note: Revolution is definitely watchable for its fight scenes, but the writing for Tracy Spiridakos's character needs to improve immediately, as she just comes across as whiny at the moment.)

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