Saturday, September 29, 2012

Episode 1468: Huffington Is A Beautiful But Still Somewhat Vapid Magazine

Am finally completely caught up with my TV shows! Love the direction that Season 2 of Person Of Interest seems to be headed in, and how the show's continuing to humanise Jim Caviezel's character. I hope the dog he adopted sticks around. The final season of Fringe is also off to a great start. The best science fiction shows have heart, and this one has it in, uh, spades. Anyway, to talk about something other than the ridiculous amount of TV that I've been watching, recently I've started reading Huffington, which is the magazine released for the iPad by The Huffington Post as part of a bid to get readers to join the 'slow news movement'. It's a fairly new magazine, having only launched in the middle of this year. I was briefly a fan of The Huffington Post, until I noticed that more and more of its 'content' was just aggregated stuff from somewhere else. Huffington, on the other hand, seems to be curated in a manner reminiscent of The Economist. There's no denying that it looks beautiful on the iPad (although that's arguably as much a function of the iPad as the magazine itself), but there are a surprising and disappointing number of typographical mistakes in the articles themselves. Still, it's available for free and worth checking out if you want to make yourself feel a little smarter for a couple of minutes. Once you're done, go and read an actual book, preferably something that isn't on this week's bestseller lists.

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