Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Episode 1451: Shipping Done!

So I woke up early, and the van picking up my boxes came within the designated hour. Wasn't the only one waiting in Heronbank North either! Guess Seven Seas has marketed itself quite well (especially to the Chinese students). Just glad all the boxes have been collected! Now to hope that what's left in my room doesn't exceed the airline weight limits. Was having a nap in the evening because of how early I had to get up, and woke up to a funny Facebook notification. Apparently, Meg Tuite, one of the writers I've published on Eunoia Review, had been trying to find me on Facebook, with little success, until Sam Snoek-Brown, another of my writers, tagged me in a comment. I thought it was quite nice that she was looking for me to thank me, and I really ought to put my name on the WordPress site, I suppose, to make it easier for writers to connect with me. I'm starting to get used to this whole connecting online thing, when it comes to writers. It's pretty much how it has to be for me anyway, for the next few years or so. Was good to connect with another writer though, I do enjoy being in touch with the writers I publish.

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