Thursday, September 06, 2012

Episode 1445: Reading, Packing, Etc.

Of course, I had to decide it was a good idea to stay up till past 4 am, working on a spur of the moment poem. I don't know if it's any good, but it's a slight departure from my usual style, and at least I've started writing again. Anyway, I've loaded another box, and I suppose if I can pick it up by its cardboard flaps alone, it probably weighs less than 30kg, right? This fifth (though I'm labelling it as the fourth on the paperwork) box is the heaviest so far, and I got so paranoid about the weight, I actually unpacked the books in it and weighed them. According to my portable scales, the total weight of the books should still be below 30 kg, but I still worry. Although let's be realistic here, it's probably very difficult to overload something made to a size specifically designed for packing books, if all you're putting in it is books, right? I've been culling more books from the bring-with-me pile by reading voraciously. Finished a bunch of local poetry from Landmark Books last night, and I've just gone through the flap series of flipped eye publishing. Haven't decided what I'll move on to next...

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