Thursday, September 13, 2012

Episode 1452: Last-minute Packing Isn't Fun

Met up this afternoon for one last drink with Daniel, Maria and Takoiya, but we stayed chatting in the Arts Centre until it was night. Was glad I could meet up with people here and there in my final week in the UK! Am now packing for my flight, and beginning to wish that I'd done it earlier, i.e. before the shipping boxes were collected on Wednesday, as I definitely have more stuff than can fit into my luggage. Packing one more large box for shipping would certainly have prevented my current predicament. I think if I fill a box with books and go to the post office tomorrow to mail it back to Singapore, I can just about get everything else to fit. Might have to throw some stuff away, like my memory foam pillow, or a pair of shoes, but everything else will fit! I'll have to rely on my carry-on bag not getting weighed though, which is a risky strategy. What I'm really annoyed about, however, is that there are no more aisle seats available on my flight, even though I tried to check in 36 hours before the flight. Was hoping that some seats would have been freed up by now, but that was clearly wishful thinking on my part. I'm going to put off printing my boarding pass until tomorrow, but I'm not holding out much hope. Sigh...

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