Monday, September 03, 2012

Episode 1442: Just Chilling/Tanning...

Ended up spending most of the day outside, which wasn't what I'd planned on doing after handing in my work. It was really sunny though, so I think I've managed to get a bit of a tan out of it, and it was fun to just hang out with people, without the stress of looming deadlines. Weren't any TV shows today that I'm following weekly, so I've ended up playing Granado Espada for a couple of hours now. Will stop in a moment, so that I can read more of Joy! Had a couple of weird submissions again for Eunoia Review, which I'm staring to get used to. What I can't stand is how WordPress keeps screwing up my scheduled posts. It'll go crazy for a few days, and then work perfectly normally, before going back to being nuts. There must be some simple explanation/solution, but it seems like WordPress can't be arsed to provide it. I suppose the company expects me to be grateful just for the fact that I'm getting a free blogging service. Ah well. I think the unpredictability of new posts going up is starting to cost the site readers, but at least once I'm back in Singapore, it'll be easier to manually publish posts closer to when they're meant to go up, i.e. midnight and noon according to Singapore time.

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