Thursday, September 27, 2012

Episode 1466: Catching Up...

Have cleared all my TV shows, except for the Vegas pilot. Not really sure if I'm going to follow it regularly, so I'm going by the pilot to make my decision. Animal Practice and Guys With Kids have both aired new episodes, and both shows continue to be critically savaged. Of the two, I'm actually enjoying the latter more, which is like a more grown-up version of ABC Family's Baby Daddy. I just don't get what kind of comedy Animal Practice wants to be, since its premise seems fairly unremarkable. It should really just commit to being 'that monkey show', since that's the only bit that really makes sense so far for me, although it's going to be quite tedious to have a whole season of jokes in that vein. In short though, I think NBC's freshman comedies are all going to tank, which hopefully means a stay of execution for critical darling Community, especially given that The Office is finally ending its run. Unless the network executives actually think that The New Normal could become a lasting player in their schedule, in spite of Ryan Murphy's consistent attempts to sabotage it. I've also started catching up on fiction submissions for The Cadaverine, which I've procrastinated over for a week or so now. Needlessly, as it turns out, since all the stories I've read so far have been straightforward rejections. Now I just need to catch up with my reviewing and I'll basically be back on track!

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