Sunday, September 09, 2012

Episode 1448: The Wedding Video

Went to Westwood Church for the last time in a long while this morning. Had to struggle just a little to wake up this morning, as my coach was caught in a jam on the motorway that meant we arrived at Cannon Park an hour late. I promise I'll try my best to visit though, probably June in two years' time, when I've started teaching. (Obviously not coming over in December!) Had lunch with Phil, who'd come up from Stratford for my last appearance, so thanks very much for that. We caught a film in the Arts Centre after that, Nigel Cole's The Wedding Video, which was hilarious, cheesily heartwarming ending and all. Not sure if the framing device of the footage being a documentary of the wedding was entirely necessary though. Came home after that and haven't done much since, aside from catching up on TV. Doctor Who was entertaining, but felt a bit lightweight compared to last week. I think the need to set up the Ponds' exit as companions is also making for some clunky exposition. I've started to warm to Parade's End again though, three episodes in. I loved the first one, but then the second started to annoy me a little because of all the forward jumps in the plot, which is the complete opposite of how TV shows, especially American ones, normally contrive to drag everything out. Still would like to read the novels the miniseries is based on.

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