Sunday, September 02, 2012

Episode 1441: Finishing Line!

Finished with about a quarter of an hour to spare, which I spent printing off the essay. Would've taken less time, but four of the fancy new printers were out of commission. Normally, I could probably have put the one with a paper jam back in commission, but the new machines have locks on them, so no luck. Glad that I'm finally done with my degree though! Now to crack on with this pile of reviews that's been building up, starting with Jonathan Lee's Joy (long, long overdue for The Cadaverine!), as well as start packing away this year into boxes for shipping back to Singapore. (Yes, I managed to get the Seven Seas website to work on my laptop after all, although then there was some hassle with trying to pay the deposit, so I ended up using one of my mum's credits. I know OTP authentication is supposed to be an added security feature, but it can be frustrating sometimes!) Need to make decisions about what goes into the boxes and what comes with me on the flight, although to be honest, I guess it doesn't actually matter, since I have more books at home than I could finish reading in the two months spent waiting for the shipped boxes to reach Singapore anyway.

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