Friday, September 14, 2012

Episode 1453: Lucky Break At Heathrow

Posted the box of books to myself, which cost over £100, but still a fraction of what excess baggage would have cost me at the airport. Weirdly though, even though my carry-on bag was weighed, the lady at the counter just told me to transfer some stuff into my check-in suitcase, which was definitely already over the limit. Lucky break for me, I guess? Also had no issues with toting an additional plastic bag of books. What I did have an issue with was doing my laundry one last time before leaving Heronbank. An inconsiderate woman took up three of the five washing machines in the laundrette. She didn't even have the decency to hurry up, leisurely loading each one, even though I was standing there, right behind her. I mean, surely she could have offered one machine to me, since she hadn't even started any of the laundry cycles yet? There wasn't enough time to wait for her extended cycles to be done, so I ended up just stuffing my dirty clothes into my suitcases. Anyway, I'm now stuck beside this woman who is carrying on a really annoying conversation, in which she every so often mentions the word 'bomb' and proceeds to titter at having done so. Seriously? I feel like pretending to understand very little English, going up to a security guard, and pretending to be concerned that the woman beside me keeps mentioning bombs, just to embarrass her and get her to shut up.

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