Saturday, September 22, 2012

Episode 1461: Wedding Bells

On my way home from Nick and Hui Juan's wedding dinner at Da Paolo Bistro Bar, and feeling very grateful for the Circle Line because it means my journey is just that little bit shorter and I'm very sleepy right now. Most chilled out wedding dinner I've ever been to, which was one of the great things about it. Usually these sorts of dinners feel like quite starchy affairs, so this was a really refreshing change, and the whole Rochester Park area has a relaxed vibe anyway, whilst still being really accessible by public transport (unlike Dempsey). I thought doing the dinner buffet-style was a great idea too, and I did like that having it at Da Paolo meant we weren't going to be eating your usual Chinese wedding dinner type of food. The personalised cards for all the dinner guests were a nice touch as well. Also liked how before anything else got under way, they did worship right at the start of the church ceremony in the morning. (Reminded me of how Matt and Emma did their wedding in Westwood.) All in all, I'm glad I made it back from the UK in time for their wedding. So all the best to the happy couple and God bless!

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