Friday, September 07, 2012

Episode 1446: Moving Out Party!

Not mine, obviously. (I'm not even planning to have one, actually.) Nina, Sophie and Joe are moving out of their flat and having a party, so since I wanted to be in London tomorrow for the Poetry Book Fair and the launch of Luke Kennard's Holophin, everything worked out perfectly for me. Was great being able to see people one last time at a house party. Kind of like a last hurrah for the university days. Well, for my university days, since pretty much everyone here is already either working or a graduate (i.e. unemployed). Had a couple of good chats with people I was meeting for the first time, which was great. One of Nina's friends pointed me in the direction of the Londonist, suggesting I should get into writing reviews for them too. Would be cool to get that level of exposure, but I'm not sure if it'll even be possible to get involved, with the whole moving back to Singapore thing. Oh well. It's not worth worrying about that now. I've still got a bunch of reviews to write anyway, so I might be physically gone from the UK, but I'll live on in the ether!

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