Friday, September 28, 2012

Episode 1467: A 'Senior Moment'

Had a 'senior moment' on my way home from cell, when I boarded the MRT in the 'wrong' direction. Had intended to make use of the Circle Line to shave a quarter of an hour of my travel time, but instead, I got on the train going in the opposite direction from Buona Vista Interchange. Can't even use the excuse that this was my first time taking the MRT home from church since the Circle Line fully opened, since I just did that less than a week ago. Sigh. Anyway, I watched another three pilots today, Vegas, Elementary and Last Resort. Is it heretical to say that I actually really liked Elementary and think that comparing it with BBC's Sherlock is rather comparing apples with oranges? Every episode of Steven Moffat's show is a hyperkinetic mini-movie, updating a canonical Sherlock Holmes story for the age of Facebook and Twitter, whereas what the CBS show looks to be aiming for is a weekly crime procedural with a twist, i.e. what a lot of the dramas on that network are. I did enjoy the chemistry between Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu's Joan Watson, which I think stayed squarely on the side of bromance, rather than romance. I'm hoping it stays that way. As for Vegas, I hadn't realised it was going to be a procedural as well, but I liked it because it was kind of like CSI: Retro. Think I'll be keeping it on my weekly viewing schedule after all. Last Resort was interesting, but I don't see how its initial premise can sustain a season's worth of storytelling, not in the way that something like NBC's Revolution could, which I only bring up because both shows have been touted as the next Lost. Why people even bother doing that is lost on me though, given that so far, everything that's been labelled that has disappointed. (FlashForward? The Event?)

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