Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Episode 1436: Still Reading...

Could've had my dissertation sent off for binding by now, except I've forgotten to scan the cover of the anthology for the appendix, so it's going to have to wait till tomorrow now. Am wondering how much further reading for my elegy essay I should be doing, especially given that I'm trying to keep my line of argument quite straightforward. I've already amassed a quotation word count that's approaching a third of the total length of the essay, and this is just from reading general stuff on elegy, not even the articles that specifically discuss Gunn or Monette, which you'd think would be more important. I'm inclined to say that quite a fair amount of what I got from the general articles/books needs to be trimmed, but it requires me figuring out the overall direction of the essay, right till the conclusion. I've already got some thoughts on the introduction, which would involve briefly talking about Iris Murdoch's comments on the consolations of form. (Yeah, turns out Frank Kermode quoted her, and the article that was reviewing his book conveniently didn't mention this, probably because it was too busy disagreeing with him.)

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