Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Episode 1422: Writing More Than Yesterday Is Progress, Right?

So I didn't make my 1000-word daily goal today, but 600+ words is still pretty good, considering I only started writing sometime after 6.30 pm, and left the Library not long after 9 pm. Just think what I could accomplish if I started working once I actually arrived in the Library! (That itself hasn't been happening early enough these past two days, which I hope to change tomorrow.) I find it frustrating that I put off getting started, simply because I know if I actually did a full afternoon and evening of solid writing, I could have this chapter in the bag, and with another session, probably the final one as well. This dissertation could be done in a week! Knowing me though, I'll probably take until the end of next week, which is the absolute limit I'm giving myself for finishing because I want to devote the last week to writing my EN954 essay and tweaking the dissertation (as opposed to writing new material). Maybe I should aim to finish the whole middle chapter tomorrow after all, since I'm only looking at three major Merlion poems in detail, plus a brief overview of recent ones that demonstrate the chapter's overall point.

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