Saturday, August 25, 2012

Episode 1433: Just Missing The Conclusion Now...

I am now genuinely just over two-thirds of the way till all my academic work is done. Have finished up the last chapter, which I've managed to keep shorter than it was looking like it would be, but only by pushing one poem that I was going to spend a paragraph on into the conclusion instead. Think it probably fits better there anyway, so I'll write it all up tomorrow after service. (Yes, after weeks of oversleeping due to my atrocious sleeping patterns that I have just decided to live with for now, I'm finally going to make a serious effort to make it to church tomorrow.) I've also managed to find something that tells us about how the dissertation should be presented, e.g. what the cover page should look like. It's a PDF hosted on the Warwick website, but I arrived at it via the History department, since the English department's page on the dissertation for postgraduates doesn't actually tell us anything about formatting. I suppose in the greater scheme of things, they aren't going to be terribly picky about it, if their attitude to formatting in the past has been anything to go by, i.e. they say there's a way to do it, but really, they'll accept pretty much anything that isn't ridiculous. Still, this is one of those things that really brings out my inner obsessive-compulsive.

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