Friday, August 03, 2012

Episode 1411: If You're Not Watching Suits, You Really Should Be

After seeing this week's episode of Suits, I think I might have to qualify my comment on Teen Wolf a couple of days ago. That will henceforth be described as my favourite teen drama, whereas the USA Network show is my favourite drama. I've loved Suits since it's first season, and I think it's probably the best show airing on that cable network right now, followed closely by Covert Affairs. It's just one of those shows where I couldn't imagine anybody else playing the characters, which is saying something, given the relative interchangeability of American actors and actresses these days. Gabriel Macht is especially brilliant as Harvey, and I also particularly love Sarah Rafferty as Donna. Anyway, I was thinking of having an early night, since I started working on my dissertation chapter around 9 pm (which is early for me, considering I woke up at 2 pm), but I'm so caught up in it that I'm once again probably not going to bed till something like 3 or 4 am. At least this time it'll be because I've been doing work though, instead of procrastinating by refreshing Facebook or something equally sad.

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