Thursday, August 16, 2012

Episode 1424: Chapter's Getting A Bit Longer Than I Expected...

Finished the chunk on the second poem for this chapter, just in time to head to the pub quiz at The Maudslay. Looks like aiming for between 500-1000 words between now and the end of the month is a reasonable way to move forward. I probably should have expected it, but the chapter is going to end up longer than I'd planned for. It just means having to cut back on the conclusion, I guess, since I suspect the next chapter is going to see a similar expansion. Most of my friends who are also writing dissertations seem to have been in contact with their supervisors less than I have been, at least in recent weeks, so I've decided that I might as well just finish the whole thing without worrying about whether it's 'good enough' in his eyes, even if he will be marking it. I'm pretty much writing in the same style that I've been doing throughout four years of university, and statistically, it seems to pay off. Not spectacularly, but enough that it could be considered slightly irrational of me to be worrying about the quality of my writing.

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