Saturday, August 04, 2012

Episode 1412: Amazingly, Still On Track...

I'm actually surprised at myself. Despite waking up at nearly 2 pm and frittering a couple of hours away in the afternoon on Granado Espada, I'm still on track to finish my first chapter by tomorrow night. (In fact, if I start working right after going to church and having lunch, I could actually be done by dinnertime, if I wanted to be.) I think part of it is having only one TV show to watch today, which was Common Law. My enthusiasm for this newest USA Network offering is waning somewhat, now that there's only one more episode of this freshman show to go. I just don't feel like there's been enough character growth over the season, beyond the sort of throwaway moments that other shows can get away with because they build their characters up consistently. Common Law started off with basically cop and therapy clich├ęs aplenty, and then seemed happy to rely on the 'blue skies' branding of USA Network to carry the show forward. The other thing that I watched today was a documentary about the Gifted Education Programme made and uploaded on YouTube by Choon Hwee, whom I've known since our primary school days in NYPS. For any of my non-Singaporean friends who've ever wondered what kind of schooling I went through back in Singapore, it's worth checking the video out because it probably does a better job of explaining things than I would. It's a slightly surreal feeling, recognising about 50% of the people she interviewed for the documentary, some of whom I haven't seen in years.

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