Thursday, August 02, 2012

Episode 1410: Messed Up Sleep Cycle!

So I think staying up till the morning last Saturday after Toby's birthday drinks has completely messed up my sleeping patterns since. Only managed to fall asleep at around 4.30 am today, which meant I got about four hours, as I had to wake up to meet Sarah to tidy up Kidz Klub stuff. Would've taken a nap after I got home, but I ended up chatting to Alex about this site he's got an idea for. Essentially, the site would kind of curate all the good free stuff on the Internet, including things like self-published books, webcomics, videos, etc. Sifting to find the gems basically, so that other people don't have to. Didn't do any work today either, as I went to a barbecue with some of the MA people, and then the pub quiz next door after that. Oh well, it just means having to write about 1000 words per day, over the next three days! That's perfectly manageable, and at least I've had an idea since yesterday what I need to write next. Partly also the reason why I couldn't fall asleep, as I kept going over what I wanted to say and how it would link to the next point, and then the next point, etc. I'm hoping that I'll be so tired tonight that I'll have no trouble falling asleep, and that this will sort of reset my sleep cycle.

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