Thursday, August 30, 2012

Episode 1438: Still Buying Books...

On impulse, I've broken my sort-of rule about not buying hardcover books and ordered a copy of David Moody's Trust. I've been slowly collecting Moody's novels as the paperbacks come out from Gollancz, and there is actually a paperback version of Trust available on his website. The limited edition hardcover comes with an essay on the book's history and his influences though, which I'm really interested to read. Today's been an okay day work-wise. Collected my dissertation from the Bookshop and did the e-submission, and I'm going to bring the bound hard copy in with my elegy essay on Monday. Supervisor got back to me about my second chapter and said it looked great, so I figure that since the last chapter and the conclusion felt of similar standard to me, and were written in pretty much the same style, I should be fine. (Bet it'll all come back and bite me in the form of an unexpectedly low mark now, won't it?) The elegy essay, on the other hand, is up to around 1200 words, but it feels like really slow going. I've been quoting a lot so far, and I know that was an issue in my last essay for Emma Mason, quotes not being well-integrated into the body of the essay, so I'm really trying to make a conscious effort to only quote things that advance my line of argument this time. Hopefully, I'm succeeding, and like with the dissertation, once I hit the close reading portion, the amount of secondary reading being quoted will fall dramatically anyway.

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